Thursday, June 9, 2011

We interrupt this blog...

... to promote a new idea. The Dead Ballplayers Society ( has a mission. It reads as follows:

We want to recognize and pay tribute to all the baseball players who have passed on. This involves volunteers around the country. We would like to see an annual expression of tribute by cleaning up and placing a baseball related item at the gravesite of as many baseball playerrs as possible. You can find a cheap baseball at any dollar store, and you can find burial sites at, where it is separated by location and cemetaries. The plan is to make this an annual occurence, and have selected Hall of Fame Induction Weekend (July 24, 2011) as the weekend to pay the tribute. So find a major leaguer buried near you, and adopt his gravesite and pay a visit.

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  1. Im selling all my autographed grand slam cards on ebay. Its a great idea I wish they would do it again

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